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Cryo Sample Receiver with 13 electrical Contacts, mounting in arbitrary orientation

Product code: RECOMCREC13V2

Featuring 13 electrical contacts this design allows for wiring up devices on flag style holders. Applications include also direct measurement of the sample temperature and/or resistive heating.
This particulair model is optimized for cryogenic applications.
The receiver is equipped with a lever mechanism, pressing the sample plate down onto the cold  surface. Locking is engaged by approximately a quarter turn using the pincer on the wobblestick used to handle the sample. By tightening the screw, the lever presses onto both sides of the sample plate, forcing it down.
An improved  thermal contact to the cooling surface is achieved and the temperature difference between the sample and the receiver is only about 2 Kelvin.

Please contact us for a detailed discussion of your requirements.

Specifications: Cryo Sample Receiver with 13 electrical Contacts, mounting in arbitrary orientation


  • Number of contacts: 13
  • Materials:
    • Housing: 2.1247 CuBe2 Gold plated over Ni-P, non-magnetic positioning spheres: ruby
    • Shield cap: gold plated 2.1247 CuBe2, Gold plated over Ni-P, nonmagnetic
    • Isolators: PEEK
    • Contacts: CuBe2, Gold plated over Ni-P, nonmagnetic
    • Screws: molybdenum
  • Temperature range: ~10K to 500K (lowest achievable temperature depends on the cryo-setup and thermal shielding)
  • Accepts SHOMEC13(MO) and SHOMEC13(MO-DT) flag style sample plate assembly as well as all common flag style plates without electrical contacts.
  • Wiring not included - factory wiring with a preconfigured set of cables is highly recommended!

Loading/unloading the sample and operation of the locking screw require a WMG40 dual shaft wobblestick with PGWMS(OM) pincer for flag style plates. The use of a WM40 single shaft wobblestick with GRABSHOM sample grabber is not recommended.

Downloads: drawing (pdf)  /  3D model (stp)


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