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Stage of receptacles for SHOM sample plates

April 2015

In many UHV-systems there is a chronic lack of sample plates, often due to a shortness of storage spaces for them.

Our currently largest of many sample receiver and storage solutions is the pictured RECOMSTAGE(D20).

It consists of four stacks, each stack featuring five double spaced slots for SHOM flag style sample plates or SHBSOMHM sample holders. The sample plates are held in place by two beryllium copper leaf springs.



On this page we would like to provide a more in-depth look at our products and also present our ongoing projects. Our complete product range can be found in the:

Online catalogue and pricelist



Synchrotron/FEL Instrumentation


Further products coming soon....

SLAPXPS :: Solid-Liquid Ambient Pressure XPS Endstation with Analysis Chamber Module

Swiss Light Source Beamline: NanoXAS

"We ordered a custom-based ambient pressure XPS endstation from Ferrovac to study solid-liquid interfaces. Ferrovac did an excellent job both in terms of engineering and assembly and delivered the product on time. This endstation is very productive from the very first day it was connected to the synchrotron at the Swiss Light Source."

Z. Novotny, Scientist, Paul Scherrer Institute/University of Zuerich






MXYZR :: XYZR Boomerax Manipulator Series

This configuration example provides every necessary degree of freedom for full control over your samples in a UHV environment and sample temperatures down to 10 Kelvin by combining a "Boomerax" high precision XY stage with our MZ linear Z-axis drive and incorporating a well-established and very stable Janis ST-400 continuous flow cryostat.

MXYZR Boomerax Manipulator Series


ST-400 He-Flow Cryostat :: As one of the the simplest methods of providing cooling in an ultra-high vacuum environment, the ST-400 has several features that are specific for UHV requirements.

MR63DPV552 Rotary Feedthrough :: This differentially pumped rotating platform provides the means of translating rotation through a vessel wall without losing vacuum integrity

MZ Z-Translator :: The optionally motorized linear Z-axis drive comes into play for accurate lifting and lowering. It's highest quality edge welded bellows fulfill the strictest requirements in terms of leak tightness and durability.

Boomerax MXY Module :: For smooth and exceptionally precise adjustment, it offers a resolution of 2 microns when manually driven and even higher resolutions when motorized.


Sizes and Options
     - Mounting Flange Sizes: DN16CF, DN40CF, DN63CF, DN100CF, DN160CF
     - Travelling Flange Sizes: DN16CF, DN40CF, DN63CF, DN100CF, DN160CF
     - Limiteable Travel Distances
     - Motorization Options Available for All Sizes
     - Tilt: 2° in Any Desired Axis

Sample Environment :: Sample Heating Stage assembly for flag style sample plates, featuring a standard rectangular PBN/PG heater.
Sample Environment, Heater


Further example of Boomerax XYZ Stage, with Chamber for Electrical Feedthroughs

  • Boomerax MXYZR







Manual or Motorized Actuation Alternatives for XY Stage ::

Motorization Option

New Version of DRVRM Manual Linear Drive for Sample Transporters

September 2017

Sleeker and even more refined, yet equally precise and consistent, the new version of our DRVRM manual linear drive for RM and GMD sample transporters is also considerably more affordable than the previous model.

The DRVRM's hand wheel enables especially accurate manipulation, it's high precision spindle drive is coupled to the outer magnet of the sample transporter and controls it's linear motion.
Rotation can easily be locked or undone with a locking screw.


  • linear drive spindle pitch: 3mm (others on request)
  • handwheel, with precision scale option available
  • 1mm scale ruler option available
  • bakeout temperature: 150deg C max.

For more information...

LSA3.0 Battery Powered Ion Pump Controller with Advanced Features

June 2017

We constantly strive to make your daily work as simple and straight forward as possible, which in this case led to the development of our new LSA3.0 Ion Pump Controller.

It's new and advanced features are the direct pressure display in mbar (rather than a current value that had to be converted), an alarm function for low battery and/or high temperature as well as the built-in temperature measurement and display for a Pt100 sensor, making it the essential controller to have for our LN2-cooled VSN40S UHV Suitcases.

For more information...


RMJG Dual Shaft Rotatable Sample Transporter with Slide Bearings

May 2017

We are launching a less complex version of our sample transporter with independent rotary motion of the two inner shafts. It's main bearings are of the sliding type to ensure a long lifetime and smooth operation, even over the course of numerous bake out cycles.

The new and simplified design enables lower sales prices compared to our RMDG40 models.

For more information...

Heater assembly for direct current heating of SHOMDC sample holders

March 2017

Complementing our heating solutions is the recently updated HSASM40-MD16(TS)-TSMDH-HSMDDCOM heater assembly for direct current heating of SHOMDC sample holders.

Customizeable in it's lengths of travel and retraction, it's main element is the sample heating stage that's integrated into a complete assembly including a special DN40CF flange with linear/rotary as well as an electrical feedthrough.

For more information...



EVEX40 Evaporation Source with In-Situ Exchangeable Crucible

December 2016

Our new EVEX40 watercooled evaporation source is an advanced technological concept, based on the well-established EV40FC evaporator for ultra clean thin film deposition.

The great advantage this new design of the EVEX40 offers, is the very quick and easy in-situ exchange of the crucible as it is mounted on a SHOMEVCRW flag style sample plate.

A swivable front lid offers easy access. All that's needed is a pincer-equipped wobblestick for quick exchange of multiple crucibles (e.g. for various materials) that can all be used with the same evaporation source.

For more information...

Mini NexGeneration UHV Suitcase

September 2016

From small to mini!

We have developed an even smaller, lighter and more cost efficient version of our UHV suitcase. The VSN40M is equally reliable yet especially practical wherever space is at a premium.

The Mini NexGeneration UHV Suitcase is the ideal solution for carrying and transferring multiple samples at once under true UHV conditions from one instrument to another. The samples are held in a storage mechanism such as a stack of receptacles or a carousel. Should only a single sample holder need to be stored and transferred, this is also possible using a pincer grip, fork or similar instead of the storage option.

Just like the standard size UHV suitcase, the VSN40M is designed as a modular concept so that it can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

For more information...

Discounted Vacuum Exsiccators on Stock

August 2016

We presently have various EXSICA Vacuum Exsiccators on stock and available with a 10% discount*!
So take advantage of the current savings and quick delivery times.

Our Vacuum Exsiccators are the ideal solution for storing sensitive items under vacuum or in a controlled atmosphere.

Transparency of the polished PMMA as well as the storage box sets ensure a clear view and easy organization of samples. After pumpdown with a membrane pump, the exsiccator holds a base pressure of approximately 25mbar over a period of several months. A pressure meter roughly indicates the vacuum level. The box can be filled with dry Nitrogen or Argon if desired. An overpressure valve is provided for safety reasons.

Standard and portable versions of the vacuum desiccator as well as a complete portable system including a small membrane vacuum pump are readily available.


  • Material: polished, transparent PMMA GS
  • Removable shelves
  • Pump and vent connection: 1 straight valve with quick connector
  • Security valve: opens at 200mbar overpressure
  • Pressure gauge: -1 to +0.6 bar (relative to atmosphere)
  • Door: O-Ring seal, clip catch

For more information...

* The offer is valid only for current stock items (Dec 2017):

no more available

Relaunch :: Limited number of EV40FC Evaporation Sources

July/August 2016

This time around, our product of the month is an "old acquaintance".
After freezing production of our EV40FC Evaporators in 2014, a limited amount will be ready for production shortly.

Either available fully assembled or as a self build kit, make the most of the opportunity and contact us for more information.

EV40FC Evaporator for Ultra Clean Thin Film Deposition

A rugged, versatile evaporator for a wide range of materials such as Ag, Au, Al, Ni, Co, Fe and many more. The evaporant is either placed into a tungsten crucible or the material can be directly evaporated from a rod.

A removable front lid allows easy access to the crucible which can be pulled out for replacement by releasing one single screw. The filling volume of the crucible is up to 500mm3.

The water cooled housing ensures ultra-clean film growth at base pressures in the lower 1E-10 mbar range. The EV40 is equipped with a manually actuated shutter.

For more information...

Customer Specific Precision Parts

July 2016

We provide Swiss precision mechanical parts in accordance with your drawings, 3D models or instructions.

Specialised in the supply of precision parts and components suitable for UHV, we also offer top quality products for a wide range of other applications.

We provide:

  • Highest quality parts and components
  • Surface treatment: glass bead blasting, electro-polishing, drum-polishing, anodisation,pickling, passivating, brushing, grinding
  • Coatings/Platings: dry-lube, Au, Ag, Ni, Sn, Cu, Cr, Zn
  • Experience with a wide variety of materials such as Tantalum, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Ceramics (Macor, Shapal™), Sapphire, Aluminium Oxide
  • Quality control, to ensure your requirements are met
  • UHV-compatible parts and products
  • Cleaning to UHV standards
  • Final assembly if required

For more information...

Radiant Heater for Flag Style Sample Plates

June 2016

Brand new in our line-up of heating solutions are three versions of the HSOMRAD sample heating stage.HSOMRAD

Prepare your samples on SHOM flag style plates by inserting them into the shielded receptacle of the HSOMRAD heating stage.
Three filaments rapidly heat the stage up to a maximum operating temperature of 1000°C.

The HSOMRAD includes the heatable receptacle with heat shields and tungsten filaments, integrated into a stage that can easily be attached to one of our MD16 or MD40 Linear/Rotary Feedthroughs.

For more information...


Sample Holder for Single Crystals

May 2016

As an example for a flag style sample holder for single crystals, the SHOMCH can be individually adapted to suit other monocrystalline types.SHOMCH

This special flag style sample holder simplifies the process of mounting single crystals (type K005), it's four slits in the retaining plate ensuring safe and level clamping.

If you use another single crystal type and/or need other dimensions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information...

Fast Pump Down Dock with UHV Booster

April 2016

The VSCT40 dock paves the way for rapid transfer from a UHV Suitcase to your UHV system.

Our portable UHV-Suitcases are the most refined and easiest way of transporting samples under true UHV conditions between instruments in different locations.
In order to also greatly speed up transfer of your samples from the UHV-Suitcase into the UHV- System, our VSCT40 transfer chamber establishes sufficient vacuum within a fraction of the time needed when baking out conventionally. Vacuum in the VSCT40 is created using a turbo pump as well as a cryogenic pump.

For more information...



Hollow Shaft Sample Transporter with In-Vacuum Brake and Belt Drive

March 2016

The RMHS40-IVBR-TSRMBD serves as a vertically mounted manipulator, commonly used for sample insertion into cryogenic SPM's.

The layout of these systems calls for long travel and precise manipulation.
The RMHS40 sample transporter features a specially treated hollow shaft that offers the necessary straightness, lighter weight and crucially it also avoids excessive thermal conduction.

Strongly recommended for safety reasons is the inclusion of an IVBR in-vacuum brake that prevents the inner shaft from suddenly dropping, should the magnetic coupling be let go by accident.

Facilitating the handling of such long sample transporters, the TSRMBD belt drive provides quick elevation over longer distances using it's belt. Two hand wheels enable precise linear as well as rotary positioning.

For more information...



Pictured below: IVBR In-Vacuum Brake

RMHS40_IVBR_TSRMBD Application example

Application example (with UHV cube) shown: Scanning tunneling microscope setup operating in UHV, very low temperature (T<0.1K) and high magnetic field (B>15T). The hollow shaft, belt-driven sample transporter by Ferrovac enables top-loading of the sample and tip holders from the transfer chamber (UHV cube) down to the STM head.
Engineering: Dominique Grand (Institut Néel, CNRS & Université Grenoble Alpes)
PI: Benjamin Sacépé (Institut Néel, CNRS & Université Grenoble Alpes)

Hexapod Port Aligners

January/February 2016

Used to align transfer axes of manipulator-to-chamber or chamber-to-chamber systems, port aligners are indispensable for most sample manipulations and transfer mechanics in UHV.

While all types of port aligner allow for angular and linear adjustments and compensation, the "HEX" models additionally enable lateral axis displacement.

Thanks to this enhanced flexibility, the axis of for example a sample transporter can be aligned with two different sample exchange positions in just one setting.
Hexapod port aligners are also especially sturdy.

For more information...

A great specific example of their implementation is by Imagine Optic, who have made our PA63HEX a standard part of their HASO EUV wavefront sensors (pictured below):


Read more

Thanks to very recent optimizations in the design and production process of our hexapod port aligners, we've been able to adjust their prices accordingly:




Port Aligner DN40CF with hexapod geometry for full degree of freedom

 CHF 1'450.00  CHF 1'870.00

Port Aligner DN63CF with hexapod geometry for full degree of freedom


 CHF 2'140.00 CHF 2'580.00
Also see our Special Offers for discounted stock items.

Receivers for SHOM flag style sample plates

December 2015

Our RECOM receivers are a utilitarian component for UHV systems that operate with SHOM flag style sample plates.

Machined from a solid block, they are available in a variety of shapes and materials to suit specific requirements like high heat resistance or non-ferromagneticity. We also supply matching SHOM plates in a great variety of materials.

Secured in the RECOM by leaf sprung Ruby spheres, the sample plates glide over these point contacts with very low friction.

RECOMs are the fundamental building block for a whole host of sample storage solutions such as revolving carriers for SHOM plates.
Please contact us to find your matching off the shelf or customized sample plate receiver and/or storage solution.

For more information...


The pictured rotatable sample storage is a customized solution with 6 vertically mounted RECOM sample plate receivers

Manipulation Extension for Sample Transporters

November 2015

Using longer sample transporters, it can be hard or impossible to simultaneously look inside the chamber over the full length of travel. Thus alignment checking is a step-by-step process, making for cumbersome handling.

Our new TSRMKG extension for remote manipulation is mounted on a guide rail for the sample transporter and enables full control while standing close to the system - for constant visual monitoring.

For more information...

Sample Handling System for Cryogenic SNOM :: UC San Diego

October 2015

The finishing touches to an all-round sample handling and storage solution were realized mid-year with delivery to the University of California following soon after.

The system was developed in close collaboration between the engineering department of Ferrovac and Alexander S. McLeod and Michael Goldflam of the Department of Physics at UC San Diego.

Once fully assembled and operative, the first results and feedback were altogether positive:

"Behold, [...] an infrared image now from our microscope, showing conductive metallic regions percolating during a metal-insulator transition in an oxide film at ~160K. Suffice to say we are happy everything is working for us now with the RECOMECs, load-lock and wobblestick, this hardware is enhancing our productivity quite a lot!"
- A. McLeod, UC San Diego


Michael Goldflam andAlexander S. McLeod of the Basov Infrared Laboratory, UC San Diego
Developers and builders of the cryogenic scanning near-field optical microscope

Read more

The system (pictured above) consists of a customized KS load lock cross and chamber, a WMG40 wobblestick with custom-made PGWMS pincer, a pair of MD linear/rotary feedthroughs equipped with eightfold RECOMSTACK sample storage stacks and the elementary RECOMEC13S receptacles and SHOMEC13 sample plates with electrical contacts.

In very limited space, the approach to the interchangeable probe and sample plates is only possible at a 47° angle, with the probe also tipping forward. A special pincer design accounts for these issues, making access to and exchange of the samples a smooth affair.

By simply twisting the wobblestick to one or the other side and back, the sample plate is held either straight for exchange with either storage stack or at an exact 47° for access to the microscope.

Portable Vacuum Exsiccator System

September 2015

To store, protect and easily transport your samples, the small-scale exsiccator EXSICA3P in combination with the PUM005 roughing pump is the ideal solution.

The transparent (PMMA) panels provide a clear view of the contents for easy organization and the pump is mounted in a compact box that can be mounted/detached to an EXSICA3P desiccator - for on the spot pump down pretty much anywhere you are, as it operates on 12 Volts.
So even if you're truly "in the field" you can for example plug it into your car's 12V DC socket adapter to run it. A mains power adapter is also included.

For more information...



Resistive Sample Heating Solutions

August 2015

Newly complementing our heating solutions are the modularly configurable resistive sample heating items presented below.

The basic building block is the RECOMHTR1001 heatable receptacle for sample plates, that fits directly on top of a HTR1001 Boralectric™ resistive heating element. For the resistive heater to function proficiently and reliably at high temperatures, material choice and a thoroughly considered construction of the stage are required.

A given with our pre-configured heating stages:

For more information...

Motorized Linear/Rotary Drives

July 2015

Motorization of manipulators provides reliable, safe and precise movement, positioning and handling. Implemented in our motorized linear/rotary drives are the necessary prerequesites: a fine step resolution and a sturdy construction.

Shown below is a sectional view of a stepper motor-driven linear drive for MD40 Linear/Rotary Feedthroughs, equipped with an optional  stack of receptacles for SHOM sample plates.

The motorized precision drive unit allows for easy, independent manipulation of the linear and rotary axis.

Available versions...

SwissFEL :: Energy Collimator

June 2015

The HOENCOL energy collimator presented here was developed for the Swiss Free Electron Laser facility (SwissFEL) in close collaboration with the Paul Scherrer Institute. It consists of four magnetic dipoles with a collimator block system installed between the two central dipoles.

The energy collimator acts as a filter to protect the undulator line from parasitic electrons.

Read more

In order to vary the energy acceptance of the system, two motorized linear drive units move the shielding blocks along the horizontal axis perpendicular to the direction of the e-beam.

Alignment units

In order to resolve mechanical stress in the process of opening/closing the gap with the linear drives, possible angular errors are compensated by the alignment units. These consist of massive triangular plates held by three sturdy steel studs which are used for the initial alignment.

The edge welded belows allow for the necessary angular freedom.

Linear drive units

Due to potential electromagnetic disturbances caused by the stepper motors, these are placed 0.5 m away from the electron beam axis.
With an accuracy of less than 1 micron, an integrated linear encoder measures the linear displacement of the alignment unit.

Linear force is transmitted via torque shafts to protect the alignment units' belows from distortion.

Energy Collimator Location

Schematic Layout of SwissFEL Aramis beamline (left) and setup of various components on it's girder (right), showing the position of the energy collimator.

Energy Collimator Specifications

In order not to affect the beam quality, the surface and positioning of the two motorized shielding blocks must fulfil the high requirements specified below. The support beams and their supporting structure were laid out with an extreme stiffness using FEM (finite element method) to optimize shape and pocket geometry.

This simulation shows a support beam hanging freely without any base and with a 7kg load. In an overscaled representation, the displacement of the tip is calculated to be less than 0.05 mm.

If you would like more information please contact us with any questions you may have at

SwissFEL :: Photocathode Preparation and Load-Lock System

May 2015

The PCPLS is a novel cathode preparation and loading system designed and built for the Swiss Free Electron Laser facility (SwissFEL) at PSI.

It enables the preparation and exchange of the RF photogun's cathode without breaking the UHV chain. A prerequesite for maintaining the quality of the cathode surface, which is essential.

Read more

The SwissFEL electron source is an RF photo-injector in which the photo-cathode plug can be exchanged, all under UHV conditions. Without a load-lock, the cathode exchange takes about one week and the cathode surface gets contaminated in the atmosphere during installation, leading to unpredictable quantum efficiency (QE) fluctuations.

These time and contamination issues motivated the construction of a load lock system to prepare and insert cathodes into the photo-injector, doing away with the need for venting the gun. Now using the vacuum suitcase for the cathode exchange between the preparation chamber and the gun loading chamber, the exchange requires only half a day (including RF conditioning of the new cathode, tested on Cu_17).

The cathode loading system consists of three chambers:

  • a) Preparation chamber where cathodes can be cleaned, annealed and where the quantum efficiency (QE) can be checked.
  • b) Vacuum suitcase where cathode plugs can be loaded from preparation chamber and transported to the gun.
  • c) Gun loading chamber which is permanently attached to the gun and in which cathodes can be transferred from vacuum suitcase to the gun backplane.

This three-part system allows the preparation of the cathode surface with methods like annealing. The QE can be checked with a laser and the plug can be inserted into the gun without breaking the vacuum. This will eventually allow the use of semiconductor cathodes like Cs2Te.

The PCPLS system was successfully installed and tested at the SwissFEL injector Test Facility (SITF).

Storage carousel and grabbing principle

A magnetically coupled manipulator arm can grab the plug (right) out of a parking holder and safely transfer it linearly over half a meter distance under ultra high vacuum. In each of the 3 chambers a rotatable carousel (below) can hold up to 4 cathode plugs.














The figure to the right shows how the vacuum suitcase is connected to the gun loading chamber. The fine adjustment knob of the magnetically coupled manipulator keeps the cathode pushed into the gun during operation.












Cathode preparation

The quantum efficiency of the cathodes depends on three theoretical parameters: the work function, the surface reflectivity and the local electric field (for a given laser wavelength). Contamination and roughness directly affect these parameters. The PPLS enables optimized preparation procedures and actions for the cathodes.

Cathode surface cleaning is done in the preparation chamber. The most effective way to remove surface contaminants is to heat up the cathode plug for several hours. The preparation chamber is equipped with a heating rod which can be directly inserted into the back of the cathode plug. Thanks to the vacuum suitcase, the cathode is protected from exposure to atmosphere during transfer. Therefore preparation processes such as Dicaesium Telluride vapor deposition can be included.











The deposition chamber is equipped with an easily exchangeable aperture in front of the cathode (for variation of the deposition area)
and a quartz micro-balance. The cathode is loaded from the left and the evaporation source from the right.

If you would like more information please contact us with any questions you may have at

Motorized Sample Transporters

April 2015

Motorization of manipulators provides reliable, safe and precise movement, positioning and handling. Implemented in our motorized sample transporters are the necessary prerequesites: a fine step resolution and a sturdy construction.

Where different users operate, automation is especially advantageous and also saves valuable working time.

Shown in the video below is a stepper motor-driven linear drive for RM and GMD sample transporters. The motorized drive allows for automatic and reproducible extension of the shaft. Rotary motion is done manually.

Pictured right is a motorized linear and double rotary drive with pincer grip for SHOM sample plates. The separate rotation of each shaft enhances operation of the pincer by being able to open/close and also rotate it.

Available versions...

Price reductions on Wobblesticks

With immediate effect, list prices accross our ranges of Single Shaft and Dual Shaft Wobblesticks, as well as Dual Shaft Linear/Rotary feedthroughs have been reduced!


For example:

Customized Length Dual Shaft Wobblestick
CHF 3'525.00

CHF 3'650.00

Customized Length Dual Shaft Wobblestick
CHF 5'120.00 CHF 5'500.00
Standard Length Dual Shaft Wobblestick
CHF 4'570.00 CHF 4'950.00
High Precision Actuator Dual Shaft Wobblestick 
 CHF 5'420.00 CHF 5'800.00
Dual Shaft Linear / Rotary Feedthrough
 CHF 4'540.00 CHF 4'800.00

For further updated prices, please see our pricelist.

Motorized Linear- & Rotary Manipulator

December 2014

Linear motion of the shaft is controlled by a precision motorized spindle that is coupled to the outer magnet. The shaft is rotated via gear wheels that transfer the motion from a second stepper motor.

For more information, please contact us directly.

Portable Scanning Probe Microscope in a UHV-Suitcase

October 2014

VSPROBE2 ImgProduct VSPROBE2 not available.

Graphene on Ni thin film, on SiO2/Si, 1.5x1.5nm
Atomically resolved Graphene on Ni thin film, SiO2/Si substrate.
Scan Unit
SHOMEC13(EBL1) Scan Head

RM40 sample transporters with slide bearings

August 2014

We are introducing a simplified single shaft sample tranpsporter with superior slide bearing technology. Slide bearings ensure a long lifetime and smooth operation even after numerous bake out cycles, as proven by years of experience with our wobblestick manipulators.

The new and simplified design leads as well to a generally lower sales price compared to the GMD40 models.

News history and articles


April 2014 - Sample holder with multiple electrical contacts


Product SHOMEC13 not available.

Product RECOMEC13 not available.

April 2014 - RSI publication: " Design and performance of AERHA, a high acceptance high resolution soft x-ray


By: Sorin G. Chiuzbian, Coryn F. Hague, Antoine Avila, Renaud Delaunay, Nicolas Jaouen, Maurizio Sacchi,
François Polack, Muriel Thomasset, Bruno Lagarde, Alessandro Nicolaou, Stefania Brignolo, Cédric Baumier, Jan Lüning, and Jean-Michel Mariot

Ferrovac would like to thank the authors for mentioning us in the acknowledgment.

Citation: Review of Scientific Instruments 85, 043108 (2014); doi: 10.1063/1.4871362

View online:


View Table of Contents:
Published by the AIP Publishing


March 2014 - New website successfully launched

Over the past couple of months, David put a lot of effort into developing our new website which was finally lounched in March. Besides the friendlier look, the new platform gives us great flexibility in presenting information and helps us to keep it's content up to date.

Thank's David, for your effort and congratulations to the result!




April 2013 - VSN40S - NEG/Ion pumped UHV suitcase

The transport of samples under true UHV conditions from one instrument to another, sometimes from one institution to the other, is an increasingly important task in modern surface science. Ferrovac is constantly extending its product range in order to provide tailor made solutions. We would like to present our new models of NEG/Ion pumped UHV suitcases optimized in size, cost and performance.



April 2013 EXSICA3P - Portable Vacuum Exsiccator

EXSICA vacuum desiccator cabinets provide a truly “transparent” solution for storing delicate items under clean and dry conditions. The portable version EXSICA3P is presented here, intended to carry samples around under vacuum or in a controlled atmosphere.






April 2012 - IOP publication, SRI-2012: "IRMA-2 at SOLEIL: a set-up for magnetic and coherent
scattering of polarized soft x-rays"

M Sacchi et al 2013 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 425 202009

M Sacchi, H Popescu, R Gaudemer, N Jaouen, A Avila, R Delaunay, F Fortuna, U Maier and C Spezzani

We have designed, built and tested a new instrument for soft x-ray scattering experiments. IRMA-2 is a UHV set-up for elastic and coherent scattering experiments developed at the SEXTANTS beamline of the SOLEIL synchrotron. Applications will be in the field of solid state physics, with emphasis on the investigation of the magnetic properties of artificially structured materials.





October 2011 - Heating/ Annealing by Electron Bombardment

A versatile heating stage for SHOM sample plates. The Positive high voltage applied to the sample, attracts free electrons generated by a tungsten filament which is placed on the rear side of the plate. With this very effective way of heating, temperatures of ~2000°C can be reached within a few seconds.

September 2011 - Prices decreased by 10%

Prices decreased by 10% & End of the year special offer [read].

March 2011 - Welcome to the Ferrovac Newsletter

Product presentation Sample Transporter for Wafer Handling FRKLIFT & Useful Accessories Port Aligner PA16, PA40, PA63 [read].

March 2011 - Introduce Newsletter System

Subscribe to one or more of our newsletters using the form subscribe. Browse the newsletter archive.

January 2011 - Vacuum Exsiccator

Ferrovac extends it's product line by a vacuum exsiccator storage cabinet designed by Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

December 2010 - VSH40 UHV-suitcase

Redesign of the fully equipped UHV-suitcase. Bakeout panels and heaters were added, chamber geometry improved, a larger pumping port provided.

June 2009 - Rotary Feedthroughs RD16 and RDP40

Two new rotary drives, a DN16CF miniature rotary and a high precision, heay duty rotary drive are extending our product line.

May 2009 - Underwood Grating Spectrometer delivered to SOLEIL

In collaboration with Pierre et Marie Curie University an X-Ray Spectrometer was designed and built at Ferrovac. The System was delivered in may and will be subsequently tested during this year.

Sept 2008 - 1st prototype of new Mott-Polarimeter MOTT-150-2 installed at ETH

After the redesign of our classical Mott-Polarimeter the fist prototype was sucessfully installed to a test setup at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. Performance tests are currently running, the preliminairy results look very promising.

Mai 2007 - On the move again

Ferrovac moves to an industrial site in Zurich Oerlikon: The Oerlikerhus. As the Ferrovac team of engineers and administrative staff is constantly growing, more space is required in general. Lab and assembly facilities are greatly improved.

April 2007 - 2nd UHV Sample Preparation System for Elmitec PEEM installed at BESSY

After three years of sucessful use at the Swiss Light Source, a second, identical UHV sample preparation System for the Elmitec-PEEM was installed at BESSY GmbH in Berlin.

Mai 2005 - 5-Axis Nanopositioning System for Zone Plate Microscope

In cooperation with the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, the APE-Beamline of ELETTRA and the company Attocube Systems, a 5-axis positioning system for the relative positioning and scanning of a Fresnell lens and order shield aperture with nanometer precision is developed. The system will be used for spatially resolved photoemission and related experiments at the APE-Beamline of the ELETTRA synchrotron in Trieste.

March 2004 - UHV Sample Preparation System for Elmitec PEEM

An ultra high vacuum system was designed to extend the sample preparation methods of the Photoelectron Emission Microscopes (PEEM) manufactured by Elmitec.

June 2003 - New design office and laboratory

Ferrovac moves to its new company site: Winterthurerstrasse 457, CH-8051 Zurich.

November 2002 - Sample holders, forks and sample carriers

A complete set of accessories for sample manipulation has been developed.
Rotateable sample carring platforms, forks, sample holder blocks and heating stages are readyly available.
Please contact us for detailed informations.

July 2001 - portable uhv load-lock

Increasing interest for a solution to transport and store samples under uhv conditions has led to the development of the VK40 portable load-lock. Please visit our new web pages.

Zurich, March 2001 - New website launched

Ferrovac introduces new website with online product information and download of specsheets.

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