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FerroLoader Docking Kit for Thermo Fisher Helios DualBeam™ FIB-SEM


A docking package that entirely replaces the ThermoFisher QuickLoaderTM to Ferrovac’s combined loader/docking system. When the UHVCTM is detached, a normal transfer arm can be mounted, providing the same functionality as the original QuickLoaderTM.

We currently provide 3 different docking solutions for the Thermo Fisher Helios system: A Direct Docking (DD), Fast Loader (FL) and Quick Loader (QL) solution. For direct comparison, please consult our Product Catalogue (pdf). The Fast Loader is the best option if the end user wants to use the dock for both, attaching a UHVCTM and to load samples by a normal transfer arm.

Main features:

  • Direct loading of samples with same functionality as the original QuickLoader™
  • Docking of UHVCTM
  • Linear support sledge for UHVCTM
  • Valve controller and interface
  • Free inner diameter of transfer flanges: 38mm

Specifications: FerroLoader Docking Kit for Thermo Fisher Helios DualBeam™ FIB-SEM

Contains the following items:

  • ThermoFisher Port L to DN40-ISO-KF adapter package
  • Mini Gate Valve Series 012 DN40KF Pneumatic actuator, position indicator, solenoid valve double acting
  • Fast Loading Chamber for DualBeam FIB-SEM and Dock for UHV(C)TM
  • UHV Suitcase Support Sledge and Frame
  • Mechanical Support Structure for Helios DualBeam FIB-SEM
  • Angle Valve DN16KF, pneumatic with pos. indicator, solenoid valve, closing spring
  • Venting Valve, Solenoid 24V DC, G1/8'' normally closed
  • TPR 280 Active Line Pirani Gauge DN16 ISO KF
  • 3x GAKF40CI - FPM Gasket DN40KF, Centered Internally
  • IAKDDVVCOMPO - Roughing Line Components for Helios Direct Docking Instrument Adaptation
  • LSC1 - Programmable Control Unit for Vacuum Systems
  • Cable Kit for Ferrovac FerroLoader and UHVCTM
  • Optional: removable transfer arm for direct sample loading into FIB-SEM
  • Optional: Transfer Arm End Effector for specific Sample Holder
  • Optional: Edwards Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump, 103l/min (6.2 m3/h) or bigger

Download Product Catalogue (pdf)

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