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Phone: +41 44 273 16 38

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Phone: +41 44 273 16 38
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Change of legal status

Dear valued business partner

For the past 25 years Ferrovac has had the legal form of a limited liability company (GmbH).

We are pleased to announce that on June 21st 2021, our legal status changed to shareholders company (AG).

Ferrovac AG is the full legal successor, and none of our ongoing business relations or contracts are affected in any way.

However, we need your help and kindly ask you to change your records to the new name Ferrovac AG.

We are looking forward to the next 25 years and more!

Kind regards, Urs Maier

Chairman of the board of directors, Ferrovac AG

"Your hardware works very well, the wobblestick is exceptional, and even more importantly, you have given us good customer care."

M. Valvidares, ALBA Synchrotron, Barcelona

Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 023103 (2020)


"My group purchases a lot of items from Ferrovac, and very much like the excellent quality of your products."

"Thank you again! We are big fans of your products."

Kyle Shen, Cornell University

"I would like to let you know that we installed the WMG40-0215-0182-PGWMSN(OM)-TSWM on our chamber a few weeks ago. We truly appreciate the support from you and the Ferrovac engineers in this order."

H. Tsai, University of California, Berkeley

Swiss UHV eXellence-11 since 1996

We are proud to support scientists throughout the world in their perpetual struggle towards and beyond the borders of todays knowledge.

Online catalogue and pricelist

"We've been quite impressed with the build quality and design of everything. The suitcase works great. I'm used to living in fear of dropping samples in UHV but the design of the suitcase, manipulators and sample storage make moving samples around fairly low stress. We are very satisfied customers."

J. Brandon McClimon, Carpick Lab, University of Pennsylvania

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Ferrovac Ultra High Vacuum Technology's combined load lock and docking station for our brand new inert gas shuttle was successfully installed at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) by Claudio Weiss.

Congratulations Claudio and both, our engineering and production teams!

Urs Maier, CEO


FerroLoaderTM Docking Kits for Helios

for more information,
see product catalog page

FerroLoader™ Docking Kit for Thermo Fisher Helios DualBeam FIB-SEM

Another good example of Ferrovac's excellent collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific!

This FerroLoader™ was recently installed to a Helios™ in Brno.

The video nicely shows how Thermo's new Inert Gas Shuttle (IGS) interfaces with the Ferrovac docking station.

With a few simple moves, the IGS can be exchanged with the Ultra High Vacuum Transfer Module (UHVCTM).

Equipped with a liquid nitrogen dewar for active sample cooling, thermal shields (CTD50SHIELDS) enshrouding the sample, as well as a temperature measuring kit, the Ultra High Vacuum Cryo Transfer Module (UHVCTM) enables transport of sensitive samples at cryogenic temperatures under true UHV conditions (E-11mbar).

The UHVCTM is, especially compact, lightweight, robust and easy to use.

"We ordered a custom-based ambient pressure XPS endstation from Ferrovac to study solid-liquid interfaces. Ferrovac did an excellent job both in terms of engineering and assembly and delivered the product on time. This endstation is very productive from the very first day it was connected to the synchrotron at the Swiss Light Source."

Z. Novotny, Scientist, Paul Scherrer Institute/University of Zuerich, see more: SLAPXPS

Inert Gas Glove Box @LIST

This Ferrovac Ultra High Vacuum Technology glovebox configuration, installed at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), is equipped with our FastLoader Cryo Station and Docking kit for the Ultra High Vacuum Cryo Transfer Module (UHVCTM). It allows to prepare samples in a liquid nitrogen bath and transfer afterwards with the Ferrovac Ultra High Vacuum Cryo Transfer Module (UHVCTM) to different analytical devices at cryo and UHV condition.

Many thanks to Olivier De Castro and the whole team at LIST which helps to realize this project.

Ultimate control of the environment in terms of atmosphere and temperature is crucial for cutting edge research in experimental pysics and material science. Important sample preparation tasks such as plunge freezing and mounting of the raw sample onto a sample carrier need to be done inside an inert gas glovebox in order to avoid corrosion or other unwanted alterations of the sample. Once the sample is at cryogenic temperature and mounted to a sample carrier, the speciment needs to be transported to analytical instruments ideally under very good vacuum conditions while maintaining sufficiently low temperature.

UHVCTM Docking Station Cryo Loading StationCryo Preparation LN2 basin

Cryo Sample Receiver and Carrier with 13 electrical Contacts, arbitrary orientation

Wire up your devices on flag style plates!

Typical applications include low temperature scanning probe microscopy, transport measurements or simply the mounting of a temperature sensor directly to the sample. 


This particulair version of the EC13 sample receiver is optimized for cryogenic applications and can be loaded/unloaded in any kind of geometrical orientation (i.e. vertical, upside-down..).

The receiver is equipped with a lever mechanism, pressing the sample plate down onto the cold  surface. Locking is engaged by approximately a quarter turn using the pincer on the wobblestick used to handle the sample. By tightening the screw, the lever presses onto both sides of the sample plate, forcing it down.

An improved  thermal contact to the cooling surface is achieved and the temperature difference between the sample and the receiver is only about 2 Kelvin.

Loading/unloading of the sample and operation of the locking screw requires a WMG40 dual shaft wobblestick with PGWMS(OM) pincer.


Up to 13 electrical high-quality spring contacts for wiring up devices

The SHOMEC13 features a total of thirteen high-quality spring contacts mounted into an AlN-isolator. The shape and opening of the top plate and shield cover can be customised to your needs. A pocket underneath the sample mounting plate allows convenient installation of a temperature sensor

"Last time we ordered from Ferrovac, we were positively impressed with the quality of your products. I do believe your products are among the best on the market."

Alexei Preobrajenski, Lund University, MAX IV Laboratory

PBN Heater Assembly with Receiver for Flag Style Plates


A 50W pyrolitic boron nitride heater in combination with a molybdenum receiver for flag style plates provides a reliable solution for sample annealing. A K-type thermocouple is mounted on the sample receiver.

HSOMPBN50 heaters can be implemented in fully configured heating stages including flange assembly with electrical feedthroughs. The HSOMPBN50 is also used in BOOMERAX manipulators and can be easily adapted to practically any commercially available XYZ manipulator.

Receiver for Flag Style Sample Plates with integrated PBN Heater

  • Power: 100W (24V, 4.2A ~1000°C)
  • Maximum temperature approx. 1000°C
  • Thermocouple: Type K (chromel/alumel)
  • Fully UHV compatible materials
  • Power supply not included

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