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Drawer style receivers for flag style plates

Product code: RECOM

The receptacle for SHOM sample plates is manufactured from one block. The sample plate is secured by two ruby spheres which are pressed against the rear of the sample plate by a leaf spring. The receptacle can be manufactured from a variety of materials like stainless steel, titanium, berylliumcopper, molybdenum... please ask for your preferred material. The receptacle can be Dicronite ™ dry lube coated to reduce sticking and ceasing effects. High temperature versions made of molybdenum or tantalum are also available.

Other materials:

beryllium copper RECOM(CB)
molybdenum RECOM (MO)
stainless steel 1.4301 RECOM(ST)
tantalum RECOM(TA)
titanium RECOM(TI)

Specifications: Drawer style receivers for flag style plates

Receptacle for SHOM sample plates:

  • fully UHV compatible
  • nonmagnetic versions
  • high temperature versions
  • variety of possible materials for different applications
  • Dicronite™ dry lube coating

download drawing in pdf format

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