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Receptacle for SHOMEC13 with 13 electrical contacts, Slim Version

Product code: RECOMEC13

Common flag style holders do not reproducibly snap into position, nor do they have electrical contacts. With this design, we are adding the possibilty of wiring up devices on flag style holders to up to 13 electrical contacts. A reproducible positioning in the micrometer range is achieved by means of three slits in the sample plate. The sample snaps into position on three ruby spheres. Two additional rubies, press from the top, preloaded by leaf springs.

The present design can be adapted to your requirements. We can provide customized mounting options to make the receptable fit onto your existing or planned sample environment.

Please contact us for a detailed discussion of your requirements.

Specifications: Receptacle for SHOMEC13 with 13 electrical contacts, Slim Version

  • Number of contacts: 13
  • features three ruby spheres for sample snap-in
  • materials:
    • contacts Gold plated CuBe2
    • isolators: PEEK
    • housing: CuBe2
    • springs: CuBe2
    • shield cap: CuBe2
    • other materials on request
  • max. temperature: 180°C
  • accepts SHOMEC13 flag style sampleplate assembly

Download Drawing (PDF): Page 1 & Page 2

Download CAD file (STP): *.zip


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