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Flightcase for UHV Suitcases without Support Rail


Professional flightcase for traveling around the world with the NexGeneration UHV Suitcase.

The case is compatible with sample transporters, linear/rotary feedthroughs, and liquid nitrogen dewars. It is equipped with two handles at both ends of the case and edge rollers at one end. The case is lockable with two butterfly fasteners.

The suitcase is placed in a base made of Stratocell with recesses that are fitted to the suitcase. The lid, fitted with another Stratocell layer, pushes down onto the suitcase to secure it safely in place.

For UHV Suitcases with a wobblestick manipulator or a linear/rotary feedthrough on the transfer axis, there is a specially tailored flightcase VSN40SFLIGHTCASE4 available with the same specifications.

Specifications: Flightcase for UHV Suitcases without Support Rail

internal length X >= 970mm AND <= 2000mm
internal height Y >= 355mm AND <= 480mm

height Y may only be the max. OR the min. value

Professional flightcase for packing and shipping the NexGeneration UHV Suitcase, featuring:

  • flightcase opens with the UHV-suitcase in horizontal position
  • compatible with wobblestick manipulators, linear/rotary feedthroughs and sample transporters as transfer manipulator, and liquid nitrogen dewars or linear/rotary feedthroughs as additional option
  • Stratocell damping and protection insert
  • 2 handles
  • 2 lockable butterfly fasteners
  • wood thickness 6.5mm, with PVC coating RAL 5005
  • 2 edge rollers
  • flightcase Outer Dimensions: X+95mm x Y+89mm x 204mm
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