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Additional 2xDN16CFT Service Ports for VSN40S

Product code: UPGRADEVSN40S(+SP2X16)

The two additional DN16CFT service ports enable installation of multiple devices like vacuum gauges, electrical feedthroughs and other equipment.

Specifications: Additional 2xDN16CFT Service Ports for VSN40S

+ 2x DN16CFT

Download drawing VSN40SCH (format A3):
VSN40SCH page 1/1: CHamber NexGeneration UHV Suitcase


The UPGRADEVSN40S(+SP2X16) Additional 2xDN16CFT Service Ports for VSN40S suits the following products:

List price:

19'926.00 CHF

17'907.79 EUR*
20'137.44 USD*

Base Module NexGeneration UHV Suitcase S

Product code: VSN40S

The NexGeneration UHV Suitcase is an ultra compact, lightweight and modularly adaptable system to keep and carry your samples under true ultra-high vacuum conditions. It is delivered under vacuum, fully baked and ready to use.

The VSN40 is available in a variety of configurations, with various options and upgrades. Please get in touch with us to discuss your preferred combination.

List price:

28'815.00 CHF

25'896.47 EUR*
29'120.77 USD*

Configured NexGeneration UHV Suitcase for horizontal usage with Sample Transporter

Product code: VSN40S(HL)-0516-RMD40(H)-RSCRMD2OM-TSRMVSNH

This common configuration of the NexGeneration UHV Suitcase features an RMD40(H) dual shaft sample transporter, an RSCRMD2OM revolving sample carrier for SHOM sample plates and a TSRMVSNH tube support.

List price:

32'553.00 CHF

29'255.86 EUR*
32'898.43 USD*

Configured NexGeneration UHV Suitcase with horizontal Wobblestick Transfer, Vertical Sample Storage and Rear View Port


This common configuration of the NexGeneration UHV features a WMG40 dual shaft wobblestick with FC fine adjuster and a PGWMS(OM) pincer grip for SHOM sample plates for sample transfer.
The additional MD40(Y0) single shaft linear/rotary feedthrough holds a RECOMSTACK(S3D2) stack of three single and two double-height sample receivers and the included Rear View welded viewport offers a very useful additional viewpoint from the rear side of the chamber.

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