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Sample Holder for rectangular Single Crystals

Product code: SHOMTCHR(MO)-0007-0007-0001

A new generation of crystal clamping!

The SHOMCHR flag style sample holder simplifies the process of mounting rectangular single crystals instance such as type K102. The four bent shoulders provide a simple and proper clamping in the center of the sample plate. .

This example of a sample holder has a geometrical design that is laid out for single crystals with the dimensions of: X = 7mm, Y = 7mm, Z = 1mm. If you need other dimensions or use another single crystal type, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Specifications: Sample Holder for rectangular Single Crystals

  • for rectangular crystal samples. for instance like type K102 single crystal (C = length 7mm (X), B = widthness 7mm (Y), A - E = (Z thickness) 1mm)
  • materials:
    • sample plates: molybdenum 
    • cap: molybdenum
    • 4x screws M1.4x1: tantalum (to avoid seizing)
  • fully UHV compatible

download drawing (pdf)
download 3D-model (stp)



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