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Sample Holder for round or quadratic Single Crystals


A new generation of crystal clamping!

This SHOMTCH flag style sample holder simplifies the process of mounting round or quadratic single crystals instance such as type (type K005), The four bent shoulders provide a simple and proper clamping in the center of the sample plate.

This example of a sample holder has a geometrical design that is laid out for single crystals with the dimensions: A (X) = 4 to 12 mm, C (Y) = 1 to 5 mm. This new Product is also to use for quadratic crystals of the same dimensions A(X) and C(Y). If you need information about the wide options of this Product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Specifications: Sample Holder for round or quadratic Single Crystals

diameter X >= 4mm AND <= 12mm
thickness Y >= 1mm AND <= 3mm
center hole Z <= 11mm; standard 9mm

  • for round and quadratic crystal samples, for instance such as type K005 crystal (A = diameter X, B < A-1, C = Y),
  • diverse materials on request
    • plates
    • round cap
    • 4x screws M1.4x1
  • fully UHV compatible

download drawing 1 (pdf)

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