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Example Assembly - Flag-Style Sample Plate Configuration with 5xM1.4 Threads and Leaf Springs

Product code: SHOM4T(MO)

This example assembly combines a commonly used flag-style sample holder with 5x M1.4 threads (Product Code: SHOMT(MO)), leaf springs (Product Code: SHFS4(MO)PK12), and screws (Product Code: FA18401401PK12). These products facilitate various options for securing samples onto the flag-style sample plate (see here & here).

The commonly used sample plate with 5x M1.4 threads, the leaf springs and the screws for clamping the sample available in many materials for the different applications.

We highly recomend to don't choose the sample plate and the screws out of the same material as the screws - it may occure some cold welding and the parts can't be disassemblied again.

Flag style sample plates with 5x M1.4 threds - SHOMT

  • Copper berylium - Product Code: SHOMT(CB)
  • Oxigen free copper- Product Code:SHOMT(CU)
  • Molybdenum - Product Code:SHOMT(MO)
  • Platinum - Product Code:SHOMT(PT)
  • Stainless steel - Product Code:SHOMT(ST)
  • Tantalum - Product Code:SHOMT(TA)
  • Please contact us for customized holders or other materials for your specific application.


Leaf springs (Packaging contents always 12 pieces): see here


Srews M1.4 x 1mm (Packaging contents always 12 pieces):

  • FA18401401PK12 - Tantalum screws
  • FA18301401PK12 - Molybdenum screws
  • FA18201401PK12 - Titanium screws
  • FA18101401PK12 - Stainless steel srews


Specifications: Example Assembly - Flag-Style Sample Plate Configuration with 5xM1.4 Threads and Leaf Springs

this example configuration combines & incl. the following products:

    • 1 piece of a flag-style sample plate  with 5xM1.4 threads, made of Molybdenum.
  • SHFS4(MO)PK12
    • one pack of 12 leaf springs, each 4.4mm in length, made of Molybdenum.
  • FA18401401PK12
    • one pack of 12 cheese head screws sized M1.4x1mm, made of Tantalum.
  • fully UHV compatible

Downloads: drawing (pdf) / 3D-model (stp)

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