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Motorized Linear/Manual Rotary Manipulator DN40CF


The MD40-DRVMDMOTL is a linear/rotary feedthrough, equipped with a motorized one axis linear actuator. It's Nanotec ST2018L0804 2-phase stepper motor-driven high precision spindle drive is coupled to the outer magnet and controls linear motion. With a 2mm pitched spindle, a readout of 0.05mm is possible. Alternatively, a 1mm pitched spindle provides even higher resolution.
The sturdy linear unit ensures unchanging alignment of all components and consistent positioning.

MD40-DRVMDMOTL can be configured with either continous rotation of the shaft or as a linear only drive.

Please note that for bakeout the drive must be removed.


Order code:
  • MD40-0100-0030-DRVMDMOTL
  • MD40-0150-0030-DRVMDMOTL
  • MD40-0200-0030-DRVMDMOTL
Options and accessories:



Specifications: Motorized Linear/Manual Rotary Manipulator DN40CF

linear travel X >= 10mm AND <= 300mm
retracted length Y >= 11.8mm AND <= 250mm; standard 30mm
adds 780.0 to dimension Z of the main product

MD40-DRVMDMOTL Linear/Rotary manipulator with motorized precision linear drive

  • linear drive unit DRVMD: 2mm  pitched spindle drive (on request 1mm)
  • linear travel: XXXX (max. 300mm)
  • mounting flange DN40CF (2,75" O.D.)
  • linear force: 30N
  • torque: 0.5Nm
  • manipulator bakeout temperature: 200 °C max. (without stepper motor, according to the manual)
  • pressure range 1E-11mbar to 1000mbar
  • fully UHV compatible materials

Downloads: drawing(pdf) | manuals

3D-model available on request

Stepper Motor Linear Drive:

  • Voltage/Phase: 3.22 VDC
  • Amps/Phase: 1.4
  • Resistance/Phase: 2.3+/-10% Ohms
  • Holding torque: 0.117 Nm
  • Step angle: 1.8°+/-5%
  • controller not included

Datasheet (pdf)


Possibly an end-user certificate (EUC) is required from purchaser.
Export licence from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) or Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) may be required

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