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Battery Powered Ion Pump Controller V3

Product code: LSA3.1

The LSA3 is a rechargeable battery-powered controller designed specifically for ion pumps, equipped with a built-in pressure display. Calibrated to showcase vacuum levels in mbar for SAES™ NexTorr pumps (D100-5, D200-5, D300-5, and D500-5), it includes an acoustic alarm signalling low battery levels. It also features a Pt 100 sensor input, facilitating temperature measurements for LN2-cooled sample stages in Cryo-UHV-suitcases or for monitoring bakout temperature. Offering approximately ~45 hours of continuous battery-driven operation for the ion aspect of the pump, note that the NEG part of the pump operates without power.

The standard LSA3 controller is configured for diode ion pumps with positive output polarity.

Specifications: Battery Powered Ion Pump Controller V3


  • Output to power ion pump:
    • connector: female coaxial connector SHV-10
    • voltage: + 5 kV DC
    • max.current: 20 µA
  • Input for temperature sensor PT100
    • measurement range -200°C to 150°, ±2.5°C
    • connector: male 4 pol, Binder Serie 719
  • Battery life: approx 40h @ load current of 5 μA ( D-100-5: ~1.0E-07 mbar)
  • Display:
    • pressure in mbar (calibrated for NexTorr D-100-5 or D-200-5 combined NEG-ion pumps)
    • temperature of Pt100 sensor in °C (K on request)
  • New: Inbuilt serial USB interface for:
    • data readout:
      • ion pump current
      • pressure
      • temperature of the sensor input
      • battery voltage in [V]
    • turn on/off (HV)
  • Alarm for low battery (and high temperature)
  • Power supply and integrated battery included
  • Weight: 1.2 kg

Please order Cables to connect the pump/PT100 separately!

Downloads: manual LSA3.1(pdf)  /  ( manual LSA3(pdf) )


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