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Infrared Heater for Flag Style Sample Plates

Product code: HSASM40-MD16(TS)-TSMDH-HSOMRAD(PL)

Composed of a HSOMRAD(PL) Sample Heating Stage clamped on an MD16 or MD40 Linear/Rotary Feedthrough, this configured assembly is completely mounted on a DN40CF-flange, including wiring and the electrical feedthrough.

It is intended for the preparation of SHOM flag style sample plates.

Maximum operating temperature is limited to approximately 1000°C and can be measured with the included type K thermocouple.

With this (PL) version, the sample plate is inserted/retracted from the left. For access from the front or other side, please see:
HSOMRAD(PS) - access from the front
HSOMRAD(PR) - access from the right

Specifications: Infrared Heater for Flag Style Sample Plates

adds 300.0 to dimension Z of the main product

  • Heating: up to approx. 1000°C
  • Resistance at 1000°C: approx. 11Ω
  • Max. Current: 7A
  • Wattage: 100W
  • Thermocouple: Type K
  • fully UHV compatible materials
  • min. retracted length depend on linear travel
  • Controller not included

download drawing

3D-model available on request

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