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FastLoaderCube UHV Load Lock with Transfer Manipulator

Product code: FL40X63A

The FL40X63 FastLoaderCube modular load lock system is based on an 6-way cube with 3x DN63CF (4") and 3x DN40CF tapped flanges. Configurable accessory packages allow to build tailored load lock configurations in building block style.

FL40X63A Configuration is equipped with the following accessories:

  • P1 Transfer port DN40CF: Gate valve DN40CF (VAT series 10), straight adapter DN40CF (L=60mm)
  • P2 Top port DN63CF: Viewport DN63CF
  • P3 Manipulator port DN40CF: Linear-/rotary manipulator DN40KF, Bulkhead KF-Quick connector, adapter flange with linear sledge
  • P4 Side port DN63CF: Viewport DN63CF
  • P5 Vacuum Gauge Port DN40CF: Blanked off
  • P6 Pumping port: left open

A linear-/rotary transfer manipulator mounted onto a guide rail (sledge) allows for quick and easy introduction of your samples. The manipulator is sealed with a standard KF40. Due to the installed bulk head clamp, the flange can be closed/opened with one simple move. When retracted, the sledge allows for easy access to the sample storage on the manipulator. Choose from a wide range of sampe storage accessories such as RECOMSTACK or RSC4(OM).

You can freely define the linear travel range (XXXX in mm) of the manipulator and its sledge within reasonable limits.

Specifications: FastLoaderCube UHV Load Lock with Transfer Manipulator

  • Transfer port: DN40CF
  • Pumping port: DN63CF
  • Chamber material: Stainless Steel 304L
  • Viewport flanges and valve adapter material: Stainless steel 340L
  • Viewports: Standard Kodial (Borosilicate Glass)
  • Includes VAT series 10 mini UHV gatevalve DN40CF
  • Fast entry port: FKM-O-ring Seal
  • Conflat flanges sealed with annealed copper gaskets (mandatory)
  • Includes MD40KF linear/rotary transfer manipulator mounted on linear guide rail
  • Linear Travel: Customized, pease specify
  • Transfer arm end effector or sample storage: Not included. Please specify
  • Bakeout temperature: 200°C
  • Helium leak rate: <1E-9 mbar*l*s-1





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