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Battery Powered Ion Pump Controller V2 R1

Product code: LSA2.1

The LSA2.1 is a simple battery powered ion pump controller, which allows for a battery powered operation of the ion pump for a period of approximately 55h. The device is driven by a NiMh rechargeable battery. The LSA2.1 controller is designed to operate the following types of ion pumps:

  • Diode ion pumps (requires positive output polarity)
  • Triode ion pumps (requires negative output polarity)

The LSA2.1's pumping current display has a resolution of 1nA (standard LSA2.0 has 10nA). This allows to determine if the base pressure is truly in the 1E-11 mbar range.

Please specify the required polarity upon ordering.
LSA2.1 :: Battery Powered Ion Pump Controller with positive output polarity
LSA2.1(N) :: Battery Powered Ion Pump Controller with negative output polarity

Specifications: Battery Powered Ion Pump Controller V2 R1

  • output voltage: 5kV DC maximum output current: 20 microamps
  • output connector: Huber&Suhner SHV
  • display resolution: 1nA runtime on battery: ~55h

download manual with specifications of LSA2
download drawing of LSA2

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